Our clinic takes great pride in providing a unique dental experience, drawing on the skills and experience of our multiple providers, outstanding staff, and commitment to making your dental experience as pleasant as possible.

Our Dental Services Include:

⦁ Digital X-rays, intraoral photos & 3D imaging

⦁ Dental cleanings (prophylaxis) & exams

⦁ Oral health education

⦁ Cancer screenings

⦁ Preventative procedures, including sealants

⦁ Night guards and athletic guards

⦁ Composite “white” fillings, crowns, bridges

⦁ Dentures & partials

⦁ Dental implants

⦁ Root canals

⦁ Veneers & bonding

⦁ Tooth whitening/bleaching

⦁ Oral surgery procedures & extractions

⦁ Botox